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How to Replace Steering Column Shift Mechanism

How to Replace Steering Column Shift Mechanism [10 Secret Things]

Tired of seeing step-by-step fluff guides about replacing the steering column shift? Don’t worry; we have your back! Any driver would know the particular essence of a column shift mechanism. Now, the true horror begins when it goes bad, which indicates a change in the whole system. How to do it? Can you do it...
How to Charge Car Battery with another Car;

How to Charge Car Battery with Another Car [ 10 Things You Must Know ]

If you have been driving cars for long enough, this might happen to you before. On a busy day, you get in your vehicle, turn the key, and there is no response. In most cases, the reason behind this is dead batteries. You can fix this issue and jump back again, but that should probably...
how much does an electric car battery cost

How Much Does an Electric Car Battery Cost: All About EV Batteries

Whether it’s the cost of gas or going green, the electric car market has been booming for the last few years. People more than ever seem interested in this particular segment of the automobile industry. But before investing in an electric vehicle, it’s only normal that people have some concerns about this relatively new branch...
Electric Car Batteries Environmental Impact;

Electric Car Batteries Environmental Impact [Fact and Myths]

It’s remarkable how we still know so little about the vastly used electric cars. Seriously, ask yourself – how much do I know about electric car batteries environmental impact? Doesn’t it bug you that you’re unaware of the extent of the vehicle’s environmental impact that you’re religiously using? Hmm, we got you if you’d like...
What to Do When Your Steering Wheel Locks;

What to Do When Your Steering Wheel Locks [5 Strategies For Beginners]

Ever since cars have become a popular mode of travel, different mechanical issues have emerged. One of them is ‘what to do when your steering wheel locks?’. This is an experience pretty much everybody had while driving their own or someone else’s car. Due to the added self-locking feature in new cars, getting your steering...
How To Know If Car Battery Is Dead;

How To Know If Car Battery Is Dead: 9 Warning Signs

You have already woken up late one morning, and you hurried for the office. But after putting the key into the ignition, the car is not starting. You have tried several times. But nothing works out. The first guessing point of this problem can be a dead car battery. The cranking motor or the starter...
what happens when power steering pump goes out;

What Happens When Power Steering Pump Goes Out: Causes and Fixes

Let’s assume a situation: you enjoy music in the middle of a traffic jam. Suddenly, you realize the steering wheel is not turning smoothly and making a whining noise. You are keenly asking yourself: why my steering wheel is behaving this way? This problem mainly occurs when your power steering pump goes bad. So, you must...
Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Home;

Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Home [5 Easy Steps]

If you are planning to buy a new car and looking into the industry, you should see the hype out there about EVs. Looking around, you’ll also notice EV car owners among your friends, family or neighbors are increasing day by day. I mean it’s cost efficient and eco friendly, so who doesn’t want a...
How To Jumpstart a Car With Another Car

How to Jumpstart A Car With Another Car | Step-By-Step Guide

Just imagine; on a day of snowy, winter morning, you turned the key on of your personal car, started the engine, but failed to fire it up. Gosh! You didn’t expect to face that kind of situation, eh? Hey, please stop scratching your head! I’m here to teach you how to jumpstart a car with another...
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