Car Maintenance Tips And Tricks

11What to do with Expired Car Seats

What to Do with Expired Car Seats: Dispose and Recycle Techniques

Are you thinking about what to do with expired car seats? The first thing we should notice for the existing car seat is if you hit the maximum height and...
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11Best Time to Buy a Car Seat

Best Time to Buy a Car Seat: A Full Overview

When is the best time to buy a car seat? Should you get one every year? You do realize that a car seat is a long-term investment and you shouldn’t...
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11Best Way To Clean Leather Car Seats

Best Way to Clean Leather Car Seats [DIY Solutions]

It’s a no-brainer that your brand new leather seats will crave an abundance of attention from you – and that too, very soon. Leather materials are natural magnets for stains,...
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11What Does It Mean When Your Steering Wheel Shakes

What Does It Mean When Your Steering Wheel Shakes

Cars are one of the important vehicles for our daily life. And it should run smooth and flawlessly, especially on the road, right! But did your ever face an opposite...
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11How To Jumpstart a Car With Another Car

How to Jumpstart A Car With Another Car | Step-By-Step Guide

Just imagine; on a day of snowy, winter morning, you turned the key on of your personal car, started the engine, but failed to fire it up. Gosh! You didn’t...
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11Steering Wheel Squeaks When Turning

Why Steering Wheel Squeaks When Turning [A Quick Way To Fix]

Are you having this problem that whenever you make a turn, your steering wheel starts squeaking? It’s a pretty noticeable and right in the eye kind of deal. And at...
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11How To Slash Tires

How To Slash Tires [Properly & Quickly]

I don’t know what brought here, but that’s none of my business anyway. Whether you want to do a prank or you have a grudge against someone, slashing their tires...
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11Are Car Seat Covers Worth It

Are Car Seat Covers Worth It? [Important Things To Know]

As comfortable as car seats are, over time, they will eventually begin to wear out. It may cost you a few bucks to buy a seat cover, but in the...
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11how long to leave a car running to charge battery

How Long To Leave A Car Running To Charge Battery

The car battery is one of the key parts of every car. We depend on them to start our vehicle and run other parts that don’t run on fuel power....
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