How To Start A Scooter Without Kickstart [3 Proven Ways]

Have you ever thought about what you would do if your scooter stops working suddenly? This is a pretty common incident that happens to many people. Picture this; you are driving your scooter around the town. Somewhere in a secluded area, it stops working. Even after trying to kickstart it, you couldn’t get it started. Does that mean you wait there for hours in hopes that someone will come to help? That doesn’t feel like the best solution. Want to know a secret? You can start up your scooter without relying on a kickstart or electric start. Here, I will tell you how to start a scooter without kickstart. I will also share various ways of starting a scooter that may come in handy in times of trouble.

How To Start A Scooter Without Kickstart [3 Proven Ways]

I was hoping you could stick with me till the end of the article to know all about starting a scooter. Let’s get the show on the road.

How To Start Moped Without Kickstart


Knowing how to start scooty without kick and self-start will come in handy in emergencies. But do not use these tactics for any unethical conduct.

Also, make sure to take your scooter to the mechanic after this. Because it’s not a long-term solution and following this in the long term won’t end well for your scooter.


Now there are three ways you can start your moped or scooter without kickstart. There as follows-

1. Go For A Rolling Or Running Start

This is the most obvious solution in most cases when your scooter stops midway. Whatever the reason, maybe you can get your scooter started this way. It’s like using a rollator transport chair to roll down the road.

To start your scooter with this method, you have to follow some steps. First of all, you have to get your scooter in the second gear or even more. Then pull the throttle several times, so some fuel gets moving.

After that, hold the clutch and start pushing the scooter slowly. Start picking up speed as you are pushing the scooter. Once you get a speed of somewhere around 10kmph, release the clutch immediately. This will cause some movement in the piston of your scooter. Eventually, the scooter will start, and you have to close the clutch.

If you have a sloped area or a downhill area somewhere near you, this will work perfectly. Also, you might have to try this a couple of times for this to work. This is also how to start a bike without kickstart. So, it’s not just for scooters.

2. Manually Rotating Back Wheel

If you are stuck in a place where you can’t make much movement, this comes in handy. To get your scooter started, you have to do the following.

First thing’s first, put your scooter into the center stand. Make sure the back wheel can rotate. Then you have to shift your gear to 4th. Once it’s in the right gear, you have to rotate the back wheel as fast as possible. If you can get it up to speed, your scooter will start up. It’s a great and easy solution to scooter kickstart not working.

Unlike the first method, you can do this anywhere. You don’t need any uphill or downhill area for this. However, I recommend trying this on sideways and not in the middle of the road.

3. Using A Cable To Rotate The Variator

This is a method specifically used for gearless scooters. For this to work, you will need to have some rope or a cable that you can wrap around the variator. The process is very simple.

Keep your key inserted for the ignition. Now on the opposite side of your kick start, you will see a circular variator with some fins. Take a cable or a rope and wrap it around the fins. Wrap the fins in such a way that you can rotate them when you pull the rope.

After wrapping it properly, you can pull the rope and rotate the fins. Make sure to pull it quick and hard. That way, the motor will start as an engine. It’s almost like starting a manual generator.

This works at any place, any time. All you need to do this is a cable, cord, or rope.

So, these were some of the ways you can start a scooter without kickstarting it. They are very helpful for knee scooters as well. Now, let’s check out some more common problems you may come across starting your scooter.

How To Start A Scooter Without A Key


Forgot your keys at home? Or you have lost the scooter key; what to do now? There is no need to worry. There is a solution to every problem. At least to start your scooter, I can share some solutions.

You can try the methods I talked about earlier. But there are some specific things you can try for this one as well. Let’s check out how to start a scooter when you have lost your key. Before we get right into it, let me tell you some technical stuff is going on here. So, be prepared for that.

How To Bypass Ignition Switch On Electric Scooter


So, one method is to bypass the ignition line of the scooter. Here’s how to bypass ignition switch on electric scooter.

  • To bypass the ignition line, you will need some tools. First of all, you will need a screwdriver to unscrew the box to work with the ignition line. A wire to bypass the line. And a plier to work with the wire.
  • After opening the panel, you have to look for the key switch wire. The wire that connects to your key switch panel is the one.
  • In that wire, you will see a clip. Remove the clip. Don’t put too much pressure or force on the clip.
  • Now take the wire and peel off the outer layers. Only keep the copper wire inside. Then the cut the wire into 2-3 inches size or measure it with the upper part of your thumb.
  • You will see several different colors of thin wires attached to the clip on the key switch wire. Look for a black and red wire.
  • Bend the copper wire to create a “U” shape. Put that inside the clip, so one end of the U connects to the red wire, and the other end goes to the black wire. Then get the clip back inside.
  • Finally, start the engine with a kickstart. Wham! You are done.

As you can see, this is a bit of a technical way of starting a scooter. Also, you might not have a plier and wires in times of emergency. But it’s a guaranteed way to start your scooter when you have lost your keys. After all, they are scooters, not walkers.

How To Start A Scooter With A Kickstart


Kickstarting a scooter is typically very easy. For most of the scooter, you can start it with one kick in just one try. However, some may require several more kicks. Especially if the scooter hasn’t been on for a while or has a dead battery, anyways, let’s see how to start a scooter after a long time.

  • Ignition Key: First of all, you have to put the ignition key on. So, it can start up the engine as soon as you get it working.
  • Stand Position: Keep the scooter in the center stand poison. Then locate the kick start lever on your scooter. The lever is usually tucked into the body of your scooter, so you have to get it out.
  • Kickstart Lever: After you get the lever out, gently place your feet on it. Now, remember you are not supposed to stomp on the lever to get it started. Many people make this mistake while kickstarting their bikes and scooters. You have to push down on the kickstart lever with one swift motion.
  • Several Attempts: If the scooter doesn’t start up, you can have some more go at it. Please wait for the lever to rise back up to its original position. After several attempts, the scooter will surely start.

So, this is how you kick-start a scooter with a dead battery. But if you have to do this quite often, I recommend getting your scooter to a mechanic for repair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here are some common questions people ask regarding starting a scooter-

How Can I Start My Bike Without A Kickstart?

There are several ways to start a bike without kickstarting. You can try out rolling or pushing start. To do this, you just have to put your bike on the second gear and get it rolling at a decent speed. Once it starts running, release the clutch.

Or you can try out starting the motor manually. To do this, you just have to put your bike in the center stand and get the gear to 4th. Then roll the back wheel of the bike rapidly to start the bike.

How Do You Manually Start A Scooter?

You can start a scooter manually in different ways. You can try going for kickstart. Or you can try out bypassing the ignition line. You can also try rolling or pushing start. And if your scooter is gearless, then you can try using a cable or rope to start up the variator fins.

How Do You Start A Dead Scooter?

The best way to start a scooter with a dead battery is to use kick start. All you have to do is keep the ignition key on and find the kickstart lever. Push down on the kickstart lever swiftly a couple of times, and it will work. There are some other ways like jumpstarting the scooter. Or getting into the battery itself. It’s just like how you reset a power chair.

Can You Bump Start An Automatic Scooter?

You can’t bump start an automatic scooter. Because the clutch on the automatic scooter doesn’t engage until the engine is running properly.

How Do You Push Start / Kickstart An Automatic Scooter?

Kickstarting an automatic scooter is the same as kickstarting a bike or any other scooter. You have to turn the ignition key on and push on the kickstart lever swiftly. It may take two or three tries. To push start an automatic scooter, you will need a cable or a rope. Wrap the cable around the variator fins and pull them in a swift motion. This should start the scooter right away.

How Do You Start A Bike By Yourself?

You can try to push-start or rolling start to start up your bike. All you have to do is get the bike on second gear and start rolling the bike downhill. Make sure to hold the clutch while you do so. Or you can push it to get to at least 10kmph speed while holding the clutch. Once the bike goes up to speed, you can release the clutch. And you are done.

Can You Kickstart A Scooter Without The Key Or Battery?

Yes, you can kickstart a scooter even if you have no key or battery. All you need to do is bypass the ignition line to make up for not having the key.

What Do You Do If Your Scooter Doesn’t Start?

First of all, you have to figure out why isn’t it starting. Then you can try out different methods, such as kickstarting, bypassing the ignition, push-starting, jumpstarting, and so on. But once you get it, you started to make sure to get your scooter checked by a mechanic immediately.

Final Words

In truth, I showed you all these ways of starting your scooters for emergency cases. It would help if you didn’t rely on these things for a longer period. Also, these guides were to help you whenever you are in a critical situation. They aren’t here to help you with any unethical conduct. So, I would request you to refrain from using these methods in the wrong way. And with all that now, you know how to start a scooter without kickstart and so much more alongside. I hope this helps you in your desperate times.

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